The empty sky is my witness

by Mind Split Effect

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released March 9, 2013

All music and lyrics by Maxime Defrancq, except "Talking to me" Lyrics by Vincent Cramard & "He owns it all", Music by Maxime Defrancq & Vincent Cramard

Mind Split Effect :
Maxime Defrancq : guitars, vocals
Vincent Cramard : bass, percussions
Stephen Cramard : drums, percussions
Elise Druelle : keyboards

With the kind participation of Sophie Zimmerman on backing vocals

Recorded at Ecury Studios, Chalo-st-Mars, France
Additionnal recording at Vincent Da Silva’s studio
Recording,mix and mastering by Geoffrey Mercier

Cover by Tayfun Eker




Mind Split Effect Paris, France

Contemplative music

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Track Name: Floating
When you'll look up at night, and the warming stars will light
You will remember me, you'll shed a tear for me and our romance

Because I'm floating now...
Track Name: He owns it all
this is the story of a man who was never meant to find
the woman in his arms will come to realize
the life they have been wishing, the dream they want to find...Ohoh
this is the story of a man who used to sat and think about
the vanity of his routine-life, why would he wake up today ?
He's getting tired of wandering, he wants to live and to stop thinking
deep down he knows one day he will decide

i witnessed the strangest thing today, i met a man without a thing
he was a-living in the streets, across the pont des Invalides
he smiled at me and waved his hand, the honesty within his eyes
i realized he owns it all

It is strange how a simple scent can bring you back
to this ancient times where you saw the worlds through innocent eyes
He thinks, walking on the coldest streets, there's something missing
he cannot keep on pretending the time will stultify his mind
lonely are the ones who seek for salvation, and finally find there is none
but no remorse after all, he's just a brave amongst the crowd

Track Name: Up here
The wind up here
i can breathe
the smell of joy
enlightens me

but still, the moon is overhead
i wish i could see clearly there...
Track Name: Meet you there
When I woke up this morning, i had a glimpse of what could've become
behind the curtains, all that was gone came back alive
within a blink from my eyes, my lonely dark room laughed at my mind

but hey,
i'll meet you there
you are free now, i can feel
your light in the air...

tell me how to find my place with this feeling of being far away
why dream about things we'll never know ?
don't you want to find the answers to let it go ?

but hey,
i'll meet you there
you are free now, i can feel
your light in the air...

now the empty sky is my witness...