Wishing Eternity

by Mind Split Effect

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released November 8, 2013

To the memory of Vincent Cramard, beloved friend, brother, lover.

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Geoffrey Mercier & Vincent Da Silva at Vincent Da Silva’s studio, St Cyr-la-rivière between the 1st of July and October 08th 2013

Maxime Defrancq : Guitars, vocals, keyboards, percussions
Stephen Cramard : Drums, backing vocals, percussions
Vincent Cramard : Bass, backing vocals
Elise Druelle : Piano & keyboards

Guests :

Sophie Zimmerman : backing vocals on Fading Lights
Thibault Heutre : Lead Guitar on Virya, backing vocals (loud)
Vincent Da Silva : Backing vocals on Fading Lights

Clouded skies music written by Elie Druelle
Upekkha composed by Maxime Defrancq, Vincent Cramard, Stephen Cramard & Elise Druelle
Wishing Eternity, Virya, Rainy Days, Inside & Fading Lights music composed by Maxime Defrancq
Inside & Fading Lights lyrics written by Maxime Defrancq
Clouded skies, Wishing Eternity & Rainy Days texts written by Vincent Cramard

Cover art by Quentin Douriez

Special thanks to Vincent Da Silva, Geoffrey Mercier, Thibault Heutre, Quentin Douriez & everyone involved in the making of these songs and supporting us. Thank you.




Mind Split Effect Paris, France

Contemplative music

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Track Name: Clouded Skies
This is the last hours between you and me, and at 5 o'clock we will meet again...

There I am waiting for you, silently, alone in the middle of the station.
I rest my thoughts and fears with the rythm of the rain, between the passing of two trains.
Since my departure I've only seen you through your words, marked on those letters where you gave your fear s, your smiles, your tears and your lies immortal life.
They saw me growing, and changing and let me see a glimpse of you by their shapes, the trembling lines, the confidence of your inner mind.

But now it's 8 and I hope you have already left.
Track Name: Wishing Eternity
Here lies the universe, sleeping earth, quiet night, guardian stars.
In the infinite fields, a calm atmosphere, the morning dew dries with the dusk.

Here lies a dying house, an ancient farm full of memories turned to rust.
And on the wooden floor, embraced in our sleep, warmed by the universe, in a perfect harmony.
Your face on my chest, our hands tight soflty, the smell of your hair.

Wishing eternity.

In the winter morning light among the crowd, the screams.
I am here wondering, was it just a dream ?
Track Name: Fading Lights
I never tried to know you
But i will follow you soon

The fading lights of the road
will haunt my mind after all

the smell of gas the wind blows
reaches my eyes, wide ocean

the beating of my heart...
Track Name: Rainy Days
I wish the rainy days never ends.

Even far from home, face against the sun, I feel your hands.
Before the rain I was torn into pieces. In front of a neverending railway crossing.
Watching your silhouette soflty disappear.
And then I have started to count the days, the months, the years, until I will taste eternity again, here under the same rain, and everything will be clear...
and everything is clear now, I face your back, under the summer atmosphere, here where you've saved me...

A faint clap of thunder
even if rains come not
I will stay here
together, with you
Track Name: Inside
i never tried to deny
no i'll never try to deny
i need you by my side
i want you by my side

i'll always be there for you
i'll always try to be nice to you
but let me wander my way
let me try to find my own way

now i regret those things i said
now i wish i could have been there with you
now i just want to hold you
how it's hard to not be with you

the rain falls down on my skin
why would i wake up to feel the pain
to breathe the loss of my love, of my life ?

there's so much i'd like to change
all i can do now is grieve for you
the memories are drawning me, your face is haunting me
forgive my will to forget you
but deep inside i know i won't be able
to catch a smile again, i lost my innocence